About Us

I am Tam. 
Jewellery Artisan. 
Lover of all Things Yarn. 
Autism Mom. 
Social Media Addict. 
Proud Canadian. 

I have been very blessed to have been able to pursue a career as a full time artisan for the past few years. Throughout my journey, I have been lucky to meet some of the most amazingly talented people you will ever find. Artists, in the true sense of the word, with talent and products that the world needs to see. 

The Rustic Canuck is a place to find some of the best items this amazing country has to offer.  The shop's primary focus will be hand crafted items made in Canada. However, I truly believe that as Canadians, we are very blessed to be in a position to play an important role on the world stage in terms of helping people who may not be as fortunate as we are. As such, I will also be featuring products that, while made elsewhere, are crafted in a sustainable, responsible way with the goal of supporting the creation and maintenance of meaningful employment for the people who create them.

I also believe in charity and good works. For many years, as an artist and business person, I have been heavily involved in raising funds and awareness for Autism in honour of my incredible son. This will always be a very important part of my business. And you will see it here. Many items will indicate a portion being donated to an autism related charity. And you will always be able to find items designed specifically to raise awareness for autism. Always.

Thank you for joining our community! A place to celebrate and support Canadian talent, Canadian business and a place to show the world how much we care. Stay tuned as we grow and continue to search out and find the coolest stuff we can, made by the coolest people on earth.